CSLA 2007: Library Web Site 2.0

Idea #2: All the News. . . .

1. Find your Blogger.com RSS Feed

You've already created your blog. Your RSS feed exists, but what is it?

Do this: use your blog's URL, or web address, add a slash to the end, and add rss.xml



2. Go to rss2java.com

Now type or paste your blog's RSS feed. Choose the number of items to display (depending on how much space you want to take up on your page). Do you want to display the dates? How about the story description -- say "no" if you want headlines only. Do you want to use HTML data -- probably say yes, as this uses html tags within your post. Open results in a new page -- if readers click on the headline, they open a new page showing your blog.

Click "Get the JavaScript Code"

3. Copy the JavaScript code and paste it into your site's html

  In the window under "Copy and paste the code below", you get html code that begins with <script language> and ends with </noscript>. Copy this and paste it into your web site's HTML, in an appropriate place. When you preview your page (on Dreamweaver, for example) nothing will appear. But after you publish the page, any posts to your blog instantly appear on your web page. It's a great way to keep the site dynamic and make sure people see your newest posts.


A small text link to RSS2Java appears at the end of your feed, unless you delete it.