CSLA 2007: Library Web Site 2.0

Idea #4: Picture this

1. Go to flickr. com and create an account.

I suggest creating a new account just for school, if you have your own Flickr account already (unless you want students perusing your holiday photos). Now add some photos and/or book covers.

2. Disable comments, so that only you can add them.

Or you can allow students with Flickr accounts to comment on your photos, but beware inappropriate posts.


Go to "You" and then "Your Account"

Now go to "Privacy & Permissions

Scroll down to "Who will be able to see, comment on, and annotate your photos". For "See", choose "Anyone". For Comment on and Annotate, choose "Only You".

3. Now create a Flickr Badge.

While signed into your account, go to 


Choose either the HTML badge or the Flash badge. I like the HTML badge because you can show one random photo at a time, but experiment!

4. Design your badge and choose your photos.

You can choose to display all of your photos in your badge, but you'll probably want to create one "set" of photos (free accounts can make only 3 sets, however, so another option is to tag your photos with a unique word in order to display only photos with those tags).


Do you want to display random photos each time, or only the newest you've added to Flickr? If you don't plan to add new photos often, the "random" choice is probably best, because then your page will change each time it's reloaded.

 Now select the layout of your badge, the size of your photos, etc.

Go on to the next page and choose your colors.

5. Preview your badge and get your code.

In step 4, you will see your preview and then the code you need. Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your web site, in the appropriate place. Now you have Flickr photos on your web site! If students click on the photos, they go to your Flickr site, so be sure all of the photos are pictures you want the students to see.


You can also create an animated slideshow to embed in your web site. It looks cool at first, but I think it becomes annoying. Still, if you must. . . . Go to flickrshow.com and follow the directions to get your code.